About ResponseB2B

ResponseB2B offers marketing consulting primarily to business-to-business catalogers. We specialize in numbers driven strategic marketing planning.

Our services include retention oriented mail planning, development of customer acquisition strategies, sophisticated marketing analyses, and e-strategy planning and execution.

Maximize the Value of Your House File

Keeping customers coming back is THE key factor in maximizing the value of your file. Average order size and the response rate of individual mailings are important, but they are secondary factors compared to the retention of customers from year to year.

Mailing often is an excellent way to keep customers. You need to be in front of the customer when they are ready to order. This can be very expensive. To mail frequently but cost effectively requires creating the optimal mix of pieces for each customer segment. After each campaign the efficiency of the contact mix must be measured and adjusted for each segment. Over several cycles this process results in a mail plan that balances retention and cost.

We call this Retention Oriented Mail Planning and we can do it for you.

Find New Customers

This is the key factor in keeping your business alive and growing.

Critical steps:

  • Determine how much to spend per new customer based on life time value
  • Pick potential target lists
  • Develop the piece and promotional offers/tests with target lists and cost in mind - intertwining list selection with offer development is crucial
  • Finalize the list selections based on the piece
  • Analyze the initial and long term value of the new customers by source
  • Determine what did and did not work and start over

It is also important to use information about your existing customer to help you find new customers.

Everyone needs more customers. Let us help you find some.

Analyzing Creative - Only the mail talks. Are you listening?

Who can judge what graphical approach and copy writing will work? Not us, that's for sure. If you can, congratulations!

Otherwise, you must create a mail plan to test and retest the key elements of your pieces on an ongoing basis to find out what works.

Everyone is an art critic, and we'll be glad to give you our opinion. But we firmly believe that only the mail talks.

Let us develop the analyses you need to hear what the mail is saying.

Execution, Not Just Suggestions

We are doers as well as thinkers and are prepared to execute any marketing project as well as doing the planning and follow-up analysis.

We would love to get our hands dirty for your company!

The Quantitative Marketing Review

Are you driven by the numbers? Or being driven crazy by them?

Contact Bill Ruppert at (817) 542-3462 for more information and to learn about the Quantitative Marketing Review, a low cost way to start taming those often not so enticing figures.